From Humble Beginnings

From humble beginnings, Morgan's Copy Shop was launched in 2008. We laid the right foundations from the onset by focusing on the community, listening to their needs and improving and aligning our products and services with those needs.

Brick by brick we built the business from ground up. We soon realized our niche market in serving government departments, schools, public and private companies and non profit organizations.

Today we are the business centre of choice in Polokwane!

Entrance to Shop 1

The outside is heavily branded to optimize visibility to pedestrians and motorists driving past

Entrance to Shop 2

The outside is heavily branded to optimize visibility to pedestrians and motorists driving past

Our 2018 Calender

We give this calender to our clients for their use and also to show we can do a branded calender for them


Customers can use our PC's for internet access and/or local resources such Word, Excel etc

Core Products & Prices are Displayed on Wall

Just by looking at walls customers answer most of their questions before approaching an employee

Spacious Counter

The counter is specious to accomodate customer's products which sometimes can be a lot

Bright Fluorescent Lighting

To brightly illuminate our work environment we use bright energy saving fluorescent lighting

Top of the Range Printers

We can print and scan documents at a rate of up to 540 pages per Minute

DIY Printing

Clients can use our pc's to print or they can leave electronic copies so we print for later collection/delivery

Ergonomics is Core to Our Success

We rent big shop space despite high costs because we want to work efficiently and deliver quality

We Go Beyond Printing

We also offer value added services such as document cutting, book binding, laminating etc.

Engineers & Architects

We have top of the range Wide Format Printers to meet specialized needs for engineers & architects

Rest in Peace Sthembiso

Our team remembering our late and beloved Sthembiso's birthday by dressing the way he used to dress. You will always be remembered "Sthembiso"